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Dr. Koniver

Craig Koniver, MD

The founder of Koniver Wellness has been practicing Performance Medicine for over 18 years. Not satisfied with the disease-based model of modern medicine, Dr. Koniver seeks to help his clients optimize their health and performance through time-tested, nutrient and science driven protocols that are the cutting-edge of medicine.

Dr. Koniver is the founder and creator of the patent-pending FastVitaminIV® as well as re-engineering the NAD+ IV protocols, now called Brain Refuel™.

Dr. Koniver’s client list includes Navy SEALs, NFL players, PGA golfers, Hall of Fame NHL players, world-class professional athletes, Fortune 100 Executives, well-known celebrities and TV personalities.

In addition, Dr. Koniver offers a comprehensive training program of the Koniver Wellness Model to physicians across the world.

To learn more about the methods and tools that Dr. Koniver uses with his client base, please listen to two prominent podcasts that featured Dr. Koniver:

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast: The The Perils and Promise of Medicine Podcast, listen here

The Ben Greenfield Podcast: How To Get Your Own Vitamin and NAD IVs, The Truth About Umbilical Stem Cells, Peptide Injections & Much More With Dr. Craig Koniver, listen here

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FastVitaminIV® helps you maximize your potential, using an innovative and proprietary blend of 19 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. You will feel more energy along with a better mood, increased fat burning, and memory/brain support. The “PUSH Effect” is the name given to the feeling after receiving FastVitaminIV®. Some feel a surge of energy, others an immediate sensation of general happiness, and others a boost in mental clarity and focus.

Brain Refuel

Intravenous NAD+ is rapidly becoming the most robust tool to help revitalize our cells, replenish our energy reserves and create brain rejuvenation. Unlike the traditional protocols that take 6-8 hours to administer, Dr. Koniver has re-engineered NAD+ and combined it with FastVitaminIV® to create meaningful, transformative IV protocols that take 1-2 hours.