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590 Lone Tree Dr, Ste 103, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Step 1: Understand what is going on inside of you

We accomplish this by running a series of specialty labs that reveal several key indices of your internal health:



—nutrient status

—hormone levels

—metabolic conditioning

—inflammatory responses

—fluidity of the extracellular matrix

Step 2: What are your goals

Whether it be fat loss to optimizing your physical fitness, your specific goals are crucial to understanding how we can use the Koniver Method to optimize your health and performance. 

Step 3: Customize A One Year Treatment Strategy

While the vast majority of our clients meet their goals very early in this process, we do like to establish a one year program that outlines how we get from where you are right now to your total optimization goals. 


The treatment regimens are centered around several key tools:


—Intravenous NAD+/ FastVitaminIV® Therapy

—Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

—Exosomes Therapy

—Injectable peptides

—IV and Local Ozone Therapies

—Hormonal Balancing

—Nutrient Optimization

—IV Laser Therapy

—Much, much more

Step 4: Edit, Tweak, Repeat

With frequent check ins, retesting labs and monitoring of goals, we keep each client on track for their weekly, monthly and annual goals.


Unlike other provider programs that seek to flood their clients with nutritional supplements, radical nutritional changes and unrealistic fitness goals, the Koniver Method is based on time-tested, cutting-edge protocols that utilize the latest in science to produce sustainable RESULTS.

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