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590 Lone Tree Dr, Ste 103, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

The Approach

Dr. Koniver has become the go-to physician for professional athletes, Navy SEALs, Fortune 100 Executives and anyone interested in truly optimizing their health AND performance.


As such, Dr. Koniver has a vast experience in utilizing tools that drive results for his clients. 


Every week, Dr. Koniver has clients fly to his office in Charleston, SC or Dr. Koniver flies to his elite clients to work with them at their home base.


As a physician, you know how difficult it is to obtain sustainable results consistently. Now you have the opportunity to learn all of the ins and outs of Dr. Koniver’s methods and protocols.


Dr. Koniver has navigated the disease-model of conventional medicine and transformed his practice into a modern wellness and performance minded system.


As doctors, it is stressful to have to manage the insurance-based system of disease care that does not truly seek to help our patients optimize both their health and performance.


Now, you have the opportunity to do just that.

Dr. Koniver is proud to announce his Performance Medicine Mentoring and Training Program.

Each member that is selected to be a part of this program, flies to Charleston, SC to spend a one-day training, one-on-one with Dr. Koniver. The training is jam-packed with all of the protocols and tips that Dr. Koniver utilizes with all of his patients.


Click Here to Download the Description of the One-Day Training.


After the training, each provider will then become a member of the Koniver Wellness Network and will be enrolled in the monthly mentoring program. 


The initial mentoring program is 6 months long but can be extended.


As part of the Koniver Wellness Network, each provider will gain access to a plethora of tools, new protocols, innovative treatment modalities as well as large discounts on purchasing unique IV solutions Dr. Koniver makes available.


The first step in learning if you are a good candidate for the Koniver Wellness Mentoring Program, please fill out the following form and Dr. Koniver or one his team will get back to you shortly:

Dr. Koniver and his clients ARE the beta-testers to help you and your clients get the specific results we all so desire

Please fill out this short form to see if you are a good fit for the Koniver Wellness Training Network: